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Established in 2015, Vata Foundation has actively saved Urban Greenery across 6 States till date and over 1500 Fully Grown Trees with the help of over 200+ Volunteers. Vata Foundation has also worked in Tipeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary helping the Department in creating a Tiger Heaven.

Translocated tree takes just a couple years to start growing back to its original shape.

Sixteen trees, a foot over bridge (FOB), and a passion to give trees a new life. That sums up the story of Hyderabad-based Uday Krishna Peddireddi, co-founder of VATA Foundation that has been translocating trees to save Hyderabad’s green cover. Five years before starting VATA in 2015 along with Jyoti Konda and Sumesha Reddy, Uday had submitted a bid for the project to construct an FOB at Kukatpally for the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC). “GHMC had given us permission to cut those trees,” recalls Uday. But when he saw a bylane in that area with absolutely no trees, Uday had what he calls “a wild thought” to translocate the trees there. After a little research online, his team got down to work by uprooting each tree from its roots, and transporting it in cranes to a new place.


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Areas of Work

Save the Tiger by adopting Jungles
Save Urban greenery by translocating trees

Saving the Tiger by Adopting Jungles

 We adopt Jungles and work with the Departments to ensure jungles are animal friendly by planting saplings, creating lakes, providing support systems like solar pumps, fire fighting equipment, water tankers etc.. all to ensure the animals are safe in their jungles… including Tigers.

Saving Urban Greenery

Vata Foundation works on saving urban greenery by translocating trees that the Govt Depts are cutting down as they are in the way of Development. Currently we are actively working in 6 States across India. We also help in restoring fallen trees.

What it takes

The biggest casualty of road-building is trees. All over India, as urbanisation grows and more roads are built, more trees lose their lives. To be sure, trees are planted as compensation. But can anyone really compensate the destruction and death of a tree that is hundreds of years old? Peddireddi’s mission is relocation of trees — to save them not just from immediate and imminent danger such as road widening, but also seek out safer places in Hyderabad so that the translocated trees do not face a similar threat a few years later. Peddireddi’s work has garnered considerable response. As many as 60 volunteers have joined him in this cause in the city. They come together on weekends for three months between July and September every year to shift trees. So far they have shifted 300 trees to new locations this season. This is their secret life. They continue with their day jobs for a living.

Save The Environment

Its in your hands...

The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it . If every day were Earth Day we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in, If the environment is happy, people will laugh and your grief will go away.