About Us

Here’s how it all began.. in the Founding Trustees words… I’ve had to cut down a tree in 2009 and when faced with the same situation again in 2010 wherein 16 trees were in the footfall of my work and I was given permissions to cut them, I decided to do something different this time I wanted to save them. I had a Backhoe (JCB) and a Hydra Crane on hand and decided to save these 16 trees. I decided to translocate these trees. Translocation was not in practice and not much information available but that didn’t stop me from giving it a try at my own cost. I scouted around to find a place for these about 8 to 10 year old trees. Fortunately I found a barren lane close by and after the residents agreed to water the trees I moved them. The magic happened in 2 weeks.. 13 of the 16 started sprouting leaves!!! They had survived. This event started a thought process.. and in 2015 Vata Foundation was founded.

Our Trustees

Mr Uday Krishna Peddireddi

Founding Trustee

Pival Krishna Peddireddi


Prakash Reddy Gajjela



Vata Foundation
Account No:  50200010730130
IFSC: HDFC0001995